Wednesday, October 19, 2016

This Week in Room 6: Secondary Colour Monsters

My grade one students are completing their unit on creating colour! We did a cute Halloween themed project where we mixed our own paint colours and painted some silly monsters.
To prepare for this project, I drew two different monster shapes, traced them and cut them out for the students. I did an easy and basic shape for ease of cutting out AND also because I'm not great at drawing. I also had the decorations cut out in advance (a variety of different coloured pipe cleaners, colourful yarn for hair and a mix of different mouths they would later glue on).
When it came time to paint, students had to identify which colour monster they wanted to create as well as what colours they would need to mix together. If they were correctly able to tell me what they needed, I put a little check mark on the back of their monster next to their name (yay for super quick assessments). We then added white to the mixed colour to change the shade.
Once they had dried, the kids were able to decorate them (pipe cleaner arms, yarn hair, coloured paper mouths and their choice of 1, 2 or 3 googly eyes).
Here is the completed bulletin board! (Thanks to pinterest for the background ideas).
Here is the completed bulletin boar
I love how they all turned out and that no two are the same. CUUUUUUTE. Happy (early) Halloween :)