Thursday, September 8, 2016

In the Classroom: Organizing Student Materials

Keeping track of 15 different classes of students is no easy task - maybe impossible if you're not organized. This year, I've decided to use this amazing bin organizer from IKEA to organize all my students' notebooks and materials. I created these cute chevron labels, laminated them and placed them on each bin according to the grade and subject area. The kids know exactly where to find their work and where to place it at the end of class. I love these bins because they're so sturdy and can be easily slid out of the organizer to take home for marking if needed!

*Download these cute labels on my FREEBIES page!*

If something happens to get misplaced, it ends up here:

The students know that if they didn't receive their book or work back, they will likely find it in the "No Name Bin". This bin is usually empty (thankfully)! 

How do you keep your students' books organized?


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