Wednesday, December 7, 2016

This Week in Room 6: Gingerbread Friends

Happy December!

Today I'm sharing an idea that I recently did with my grade 3 health students! We've been spending some time discussing qualities that we appreciate in friends (this is something I do at the beginning of the year when we do our "getting to know you" activities, but it is something I like to constantly revisit as a reminder).

With Christmas right around the corner, we created "Gingerbread Friends". As a class, we brainstormed a number of qualities we would like to have in a friend and that we feel are important for us to demonstrate as well. We worded it to finish the phrase, "Being a good friend means:".

Some of our ideas included:
  • caring for others
  • telling the truth
  • including everyone
  • treating others how you want to be treated
We tried to word our ideas positively; when students would say "not saying mean things", I would ask them to reword it so that we were saying the things a good friend WOULD do, rather than what they SHOULDN'T do.

After students had their idea, they received a gingerbread man template on brown construction paper where they wrote down what being a good friend meant to them. They then decorated them and I cut them out to display on the bulletin board outside of my classroom!
Now, where do you put 21 Gingerbread Friends?! On a giant gingerbread house, of course! Thanks to pinterest, I was able to get a few different ideas and here was the final product! (This took much longer than I would like to admit) :)
Here is the completed board!
Happy holidays from the Gingerbread Friends in room 6!


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